Agnieszka Kaminska was born in Poland where she studied at Marie Curie University and achieved an MA in painting. Since 2017 she lives and works in Derby where she runs her artistic practice from her cosy little studio at Banks Mill Studios.

Agnieszka’s observations of the world developed from childhood. As a shy, sensitive, and solitary child she turned towards nature, observing the world and the flowing of life around her. She feels like a guest or visitor on the Earth and tries not to disturb the peace or comfort of others – no matter if it is an animal, plant, human or just a stone. This love and respect of Earth is reflected in her work. She adopts an illustrative style in her animal paintings and her bird paintings have a little bit of an expression.

Agnieszka identifies herself more as an artisan rather than an artist. Her main material is classic oil on canvas which she likes to merge with modern forms and strong colours. Oil paints are a favourite because of their smooth textures and perfect colours mixing. Due to her love of mixing classics with modern elements she likes to paint folklore patterns based on her roots. These combines classic Polish cut-outs with her own floral and animal patterns and transforms them into oil paintings.

Part of her illustrative oil painting series titled Fluffies can be seen on greeting cards from Green Pebble publisher. Also, a selection of these cycle appeared in Artizan Small Works Exhibition in Spring 2021. This cycle of works started when Agnieszka moved to the UK from Poland and reflects her inner child in the form of little, sad animals. A few of Agnieszka’s artworks depicting birds can also be seen soon on a virtual exhibition Wild Things in May 2021.


Part of my studio
Part of my studio