Free colouring page with one of my art

I am very grateful to all my art lovers, my social media followers and everyone who visits my website for every like, comments and feedback. That’s why I want to share a little piece of my art with all of you for free. I made a little colouring page with my Dreamy Garden painting. Downloading it you will have a piece of my art for free and a little bit of colouring fun. It is like we made this art together! I hope that you like this idea and will have some fun with colouring.

Three easy step to have something special from me for free:

1. Download this PDF plik

2 Print it out

3 Have fun colouring!!

Downloading this PDF document you agree to use it just for personal purpose. Please do not sell it to anyone or use it for any commercial purpose.


Welcome to my virtual gallery of oil painting made by me Agnieszka Kaminska.

I am the owner of mikimayo art studio, under this name I am creating my artwork. I am a modern and contemporary, folk artist based in Derby. My work is inspired by nature, folklore and a world around me. I am always trying to find beauty in everything and in every person I met.

If you’d like to see more of my work please visit portfolio.